Residential dog training (in house dog boot camp - board and train) is available to book - book training holidays for your dog! -  contact me to book your place

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My name is Alesya Miroshnikov, I am a certified dog trainer and behaviourist with over twelve years experience in training, helping as well as educating owners and their dogs. I have been successfully working with different ages, sizes, shapes, breeds, types of temperament and other dog related problems. 

- You’re probably visiting this website because you’re struggling with your dog who is pulling on the lead, jumps up on passers by, runs off to other dogs, doesn’t always come back when called, is hyperactive or just generally doesn’t listen to you.

- Or maybe you have a nervous dog and you need professional assistance in supporting him/her. 

- Or maybe you’ve just gotten a puppy and you’re excited to start your training journey together. 

The great thing about all of the above is - there are definitely ways to deal with all those issues, and to make your dog happier and your life much easier..!

Get in touch, so we can work out the best possible training plan for your dog (and yourself - as I will be as much educating you alongside your dog), and you can start your dog training journey now!



I provide dog training, behaviour consultations and residential dog training (in house dog boot camp - board and train program) in Kent, London and surrounding areas, however I can travel to any place in the UK (or even abroad) which would suit you and your dog.


Contact me by submitting the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible :-)