Residential Dog Training Experience (in house dog boot camp)

Residential dog training program is now available to book - contact me to book your space now! :-)

If you want your dog to have an intensive positive training experience for at least two weeks, or your dog has a very serious specific behavioural issue that you need professional help with - get in touch, and we can work out the best custom-fit residential dog training plan for you and your dog!


Obedience Chihuahua Team at Crufts 2015

Recently our Chihuahua Obedience Team took part in audition to represent the Breed at Obedience Competition during Crufts 2015. Chihuahua Team passed all the tests and therefore qualified to be able to step on the green carpet at the competition day in March 2015! My Chihuahua Hafti (and myself as well) feels very proud to be part of this experience!