residential dog training program

(in house dog boot camp - board and train program)


Residential Dog Training Program includes:

  • your dog is going to stay in the trainer’s house (quiet home environment - not a kennel!) with other trainer’s dogs

  • 3-4 personalised training sessions per day

  • weekly (even daily - upon request) video/pictures updates on the progress of your dog

  • training for the owner (frequent video updates during your dog's stay + handover session + FREE follow up sessions)

  • FREE follow up session/s after the Program - free follow up session/s after the training program

  • I will pick up and drop off the dog at the suitable location for the owner

  • ongoing training support via email/phone for the owners

  • priced between £550-650 per week

Really good results within a short period of time

Residential dog training… don't worry - it doesn't mean at all that you are a lazy owner and you don’t have time for your dog… But not everyone is a professional dog trainer, and sometimes having a little bit more challenging dog (or maybe it is even your very first dog!) requires more skills and experience, which - applied within a relatively short period of time by a professional - can give your dog much more skills which you will find much easier to keep up yourself after a residential dog training program. 

Don’t worry - you will get your training too during the Program..!

During Residential Dog Training Program I am offering not only the “command training”  but a full DOG TRAINING EXPERIENCE that your dog is going to be immersed in.

Not only your dog will be learning different commands (all of your choice, all training plans are fully personalised), but s/he also will be acquiring important social and lifestyle skills to help your dog become a very confident, happy and friendly companion both outdoors and indoors.


All training plans are fully personalised and custom-fit - you choose what is relevant and important for your dog to learn during Residential Dog Training Program.

prices are between £550-650 per week

Please see below a rough plan of what can be achieved week by week:

Week 2: (minimum stay is 2 weeks - basic training, the dog being responsive to the commands in safe environments, with minimum distractions).

  • sit, down (on command)

  • not jumping up

  • come when called (recall) with minimum distractions (i.e. not too many dogs/people around)

  • Being assessed by other people/children (useful when visiting vets/groomers/other people who want to say hello to your dog etc)

  • Stay/wait (with minimum distractions)

  • Not chewing things

  • Toilet training (if applicable)

  • Not biting clothes/hands/ankles

  • Walking on lead/not pulling

  • Basic impulse control (to make sure the dog can wait for their food/treats/toys to be given/delivered while the dog is being calm/waiting patiently/calmly)

Week 3: (higher level of distractions - advisable if your dog has never had any training before, and/or if you would like to take the training of your dog to the next, more advanced level)

  • all above commands and skills with higher level of distractions and

  • Pub training/being calm in the cafe/restaurant

  • Stay (with distractions/busy environment - dogs and people being/walking/running around)

  • Distance control (commands “sit/down” performed at a distance)

  • Emergency stop (to stop the dog on command when the dog is running around/running away)

  • Leave it! (alternative to a “No” command - with higher distractions + in the park/outdoors)


Week 4: (recommended for someone willing their dog to perform all commands in challenging environments, with a high reliability to respond to commands, to proof challenging behaviours)

  • all above commands and skills with a high level of distractions

  • much more reliable response to the commands

  • minimum 4 weeks recommended for aggression issues, anxiety, reactivity, hyperactive dogs, chasing wildlife, being protective over food/toys (food/possession aggression), dogs who have never really done any training for a long time


*Week 5-6: (recommended for dogs with dog-human aggression issues + very severe dog-to-dog aggression)*

Your dog is only as obedient and good as you are consistent with the training - even after the residential dog training program consistency in maintaining the training routine is the key to your continuous success in the human-dog relationship!


contact me to book residential dog training for your dog (and yourself :-) )